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DBE/MBE Certifications

ProRank Business Solutions, LLC is proud to have obtained the the following certifications as a disadvantaged, small & minority-owned business enterprise (DBE/MBE):

Click on any image of a certifying agency below to view current certification letter and paperwork.


Delaware Department of Transportation
DBE Cert #: 1071
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Delaware Office of Supplier Diversity
(DE-OSD) MBE Cert #: DE14082252
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Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PAUCP) DBE Cert #:14278
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PA Dept. of General Services (PA-DGS) MBE Cert #:421115-2014-05-SB-MBE
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City of Philadelphia Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) MBE Reg #: 111422
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ProRank Business Solutions, LLC has applied and is awaiting approval for the following certifications:

  • City of Wilmington Office of Economic Development, Small & Minority Business Enterprise Office (SMBEO)
  • Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Minority Business Enterprise