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Are you an organization seeking partnership?

ProRank actively seeks partnerships around the country with organizations that have an overlapping mission to help build capacity in small women and minority owned businesses. Organizations such as: small business development centers (SBDC), Small business transportation resource centers (SBTRC), disadvantaged enterprise supportive services centers (DBE/SSC), procurement and technical assistance centers (PTAC),  departments of transportation (DOT), institutions of higher education, trade organizations,  state and federal agencies,  city offices, workforce development organizations, training organizations, as well as, industry leading private consultants and contractors.

All partners will find value in partnerships with ProRank Business Solutions. By understanding the mission and objectives of each partner, ProRank is able to coordinate our partners to create the ultimate environment to foster growth for small businesses.  By understanding the strengths and objectives of each partner, ProRank saves small businesses thousands of dollars and has the ability to place them with industry specific mentors to help guide their growth and progression.

Many of our publicly funded partners find value in being able to share in joint initiatives to assist their targeted constituent groups. Many private partners find value in receiving notice about publicly funded initiatives that their firms are suited to service.

Communication of opportunities and activities is critical to good participation, we understand who are partners are established to service, we partner firms with strategic partners based on a number of criteria. Contact us today to inquire about how your organization can utilize ProRank’s resource partner network, or become a strategic ProRank partner today.