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FTP Login Instructions

We can handle big files too! Just login to our server using the instructions below. There you can download/upload the needed files.

Note:  For best results, and ease of access, we recommend using an Internet Explorer browser to access the FTP server. IE has the built in ability to gain access via FTP without an additional client or application. This will be important if you plan on uploading files. Advanced users may also connect via an external client such as FileZilla, etc.

Step 1: Click the link to access to ProRank server.

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Step 2: Enter your username and password when prompted.

NOTE: Enter the same username and password you would enter to login to the ProRank website.

ftp login

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Step 3: View: Open FTP site in File Explorer

ftp view

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Step 4: Drag and drop your files!

ftp folder

That's it! You're done. Any questions, give us a call at (855) PRO-RANK.