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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)
has created a Mentor Protégé Program to increase diversity and participation in the Diverse Business (DB) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for contractors and consultants, with a focus on drawing in underserved and underrepresented companies. We provide a seamless process to assist mentor and mentee in navigating the program.

ProRank Provides MPP support for:

Purpose & Goals

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has created a Mentor Protégé Program to increase diversity and participation in the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program through outreach to underserved and underrepresented companies, which directly addresses PennDOT’s 2018
Disparity Study findings.

Our program’s mission is to further the development of DBEs, including but not limited to assisting them in moving into non-traditional areas of work and/or competing in the marketplace outside the DBE program via the provision of training and assistance from other firms. The Program encompasses elements of the prime construction and prime consulting markets for increased DBEs participation and to level the contracting playing field.

Goals provided by the consulting industry include:

  • Provide an avenue to connect experienced PennDOT consultants with new and growing DBEs to assist with building or expanding their experience in the industry, including assisting them to move into non-traditional areas of consultation work,
  • Empower prime consultants (DBE or Non-DBE) to transfer knowledge through the project development process on active projects to help DBE firms grow to become self-sufficient and long-term business partners, and
  • Grow teaming relationships to include more underrepresented firms to improve participation and eradicate barriers to opportunities.

Goals provided by the construction industry:

  • Further develop DBEs in the construction industry

  • Provide for a more direct relationship between a Prime Contractor and a DB/DBE

  • Help proteges obtain additional pre-qualification work codes and increase capabilities. 


Proteges- The Program is open to all PA UCP-certified firms. A PAUCP-certified DBE firm can register as a PennDOT Business Partner during the Program and obtain an active qualifications package in ECMS. Protégés that are exploring new market expansion for new disciplines may also apply. PennDOT’s provisional or conditional qualifications may apply in certain circumstances. 

Mentors– As it relates to the consultant industry, all firms eligible to submit statements of interest through PennDOT’s ECMS procurement process can serve as mentors, including Established professional transportation engineering, environmental, planning, or related firms in Pennsylvania with a  history of successful project delivery. Mentors may be experienced prime or subconsultant firms  registered as PennDOT Business Partners with an active qualifications package in PennDOT’s 

How It Works


Agree on type of work being sought,
geographic area, other factors

Establish desired subcontract size and any resource limitations

Review project advertisements for
desired work

Identify potential prime contractors

Communicate protégé’s capabilities to

Communicate protégé’s capabilities to

Prepare and Submit bid

Prepare and Submit bid

Protégé sets up meetings and assetment for the project’s development

After project is scheduled the Protégé will perform work

Protégé submits invoice to Prime through ECMS

Prime reviews invoice and pays protégé firm

Post-completion meeting with Prime
with performance evaluation


Project Advertised for an M/P Team

After 2 weeks, project is advertised

Statement of Interest (Proposal)

One Month or more to make


Notification of Award

– Prime requests de-brief meeting
with PennDOT to include protégé.
– Look for the next planned project*

Prepare and Submit Proposal

Signed contract by both PennDOT
and prime consultant

Formal notice to begin work

Includes PennDOT, Prime and

PennDOT issues work orders


Mentor/Protégé divide work based on
agreed-upon qualifications/division of labor

Protégé performs work and submits
to prime for QA/QC

Comments addressed and work is
submitted to PennDOT.

PennDOT reviews and accepts work
or asks for revisions

Protégé submits invoice to Prime
through ECMS.

Prime reviews invoice and pays
protégé firm

Formal consultant evaluation by
PennDOT is at completion of work order

Protégé gains increased

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