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Wilmington, DE
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855.PRO.RANK or (855) 776-7265 Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00PM

Basir Vincent

Virtual Manager


Basir Vincent has a strong passion for leadership development and optimization of the performance of people and systems.  He has spent 15 plus years in Manufacturing using this passion to drive successful improvement in manufacturing factories across the United States for Nestle Purina Petcare and now for Spot and Tango.  Bringing that passion to home and community-led Basir to co-found Young Professionals of Color: Greater Harrisburg, a local non-profit focused on empowering professionals of color to identify what they need to thrive within the community.  Basir is also the founder of Unlock Potential an education and consulting company. 


Contact Info

Email : basir@prorankllc.com



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