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Kenneth Robinson

Virtual Manager


Kenneth Robinson is a Virtual Maintenance Manager for ProRank Academy. He attained a B.S. degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and began his professional career as a manager in the hospitality industry and was quickly bitten by the “entrepreneur bug”. In 2004 he created his first company as a franchise partnership in the janitorial industry. As a young diverse business owner, Kenneth gained experience in managing the daily activities of a business as well as educating himself and team on different maintenance jobs such as floor refinishing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and cleaning solution types and uses. From an owner’s perspective he became well versed in how to obtain new contracts, price estimating, bookkeeping, and equipment maintenance. 

During the 2020 Pandemic, Kenneth decided to re-route his career and began an internship with ProRank Academy; exploring all the training courses, events, groups, and best business practices of the company. In 2021 he was offered a position as Virtual Maintenance Manager and has assisted the maintenance team in projects which help the company organize the wealth of information which it provides to its’s business owner community.


Contact Info

Email : kenneth@prorankllc.com



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