Business Development & Program Supportive Services

ProRank delivers customized support for the needs of businesses in the construction industry (and in design, as applicable), as well as general business technical assistance. We are capable of assessing our client’s needs and creating a business development plan for each client that includes specific goals and milestones. Our team will develop clear and concise agreements that memorialize the work to be jointly undertaken by the business owner and ProRank.

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Services Offered

ProRank provides one-on-one technical assistance in the following areas:

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ProRank Business Development Services

We can help you compete on public contracts.


ProRank can assist your firm in competing effectively for publicly funded contracts. This may include, but is not limited to, marketing services to project users, developing proposals and bids/ cost proposals, and obtaining bonding, insurance, or loans.

We can help you perform on public contracts.


ProRank can also assist your firm in performing effectively on publicly funded contracts. This may include, but is not limited to, contract compliance, invoicing, preparing certified payrolls (including reporting through web-based tracking systems), paying suppliers, making subcontractor payments, using payment verification software; and communicating/ coordinating effectively with other parties.
ProRank Diversity Consulting Services

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Business Development & Program Supportive Services
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