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ProRank Business Solutions, LLC is a full-service business development & diversity consulting company with an expertise in assisting organizations targeting publicly funded contracts. ProRank specializes in developing and administering diversity programs as well as strategic planning and data management. ProRank helps our clients identify contract opportunities, navigate the public contracting process, network with primes and other organizations of value, and improve their ability to deliver services by providing strategic and innovative solutions. We assist our small business clients with services like diversity certification, business development, marketing, and payment dispute resolution. We assist agency clients with services such as: diversity program development, program administration, program compliance, program monitoring/tracking, and program evaluation. Contact ProRank to see how we can help your organization today.


Our mission is to empower African-American business communities through the use of technology, to gather and disseminate data that will serve to educate and impact the current and future generations of citizens, community leaders and entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to become the national repository of case study and statistical data for African-American owned business, to be utilized to quantify arguments and educate future generations of entrepreneurs and civics leaders to ensure equity and inclusion for our communities.

The PR Brand

"Changing culture in a diverse society"

ProRank Business Solutions, LLC was formed to address the growing need to learn and understand all of the changes that occur in state and federal programs, how they relate to one another, and how they impact the small business community. More importantly, we identified that the small business community was already a bit confused when it comes to navigating many state and federal opportunities. Kyron Robinson & Wade West, the founders of ProRank, have helped many local municipalities, cities, state agencies, and large transportation providers work with small business owners. They have also helped small business owners understand the different changes that occur in policy and how those changes may impact small business.

ProRank is able to maintain a competitive edge by infusing current technology into their services and business practices, staying abreast of the needs of the small business community as well as opportunities offered by government agencies that may benefit small businesses. Our success in providing support, not only to government agencies, but private companies, especially those pursuing public funding, has led to the growth and expansion of our services. We have added some additional services to keep up with the growing demands of our increasingly diverse client base. We now offer a variety of services geared toward the overall development of small businesses. We also develop tools and maintain resources dedicated to understanding the relationship small businesses have with government agencies and related programs.


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Capabilities Statement

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ProRank Capabilities Statement


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