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Business Services

Payment Dispute Resolution

ProRank can help you resolve payment issues with project owners, prime contractors or subcontractors often ensuring that all professional relationships remain intact. When a project owner or prime contractor is holding your money sometimes it’s difficult to know whether the reason is legitimate or not. ProRank can help you determine whether the actions that you want to take for your payment dispute are warranted. ProRank can help you identify the next best steps to take by developing your strategic plan to pursue payment. ProRank can also request payment by contacting agency heads, prime contractors, and/or subcontractors on your behalf to help resolve your payment issues.

Services Offered

The activities and delivery methods that fall under this scope are:

Payment Dispute Resolution

Assistance with alternative dispute resolution for payment issues.

Web Based Tracking

Advocacy, monitoring and recording of activities related to payment resolution.

Direct Consulting

Consulting and assistance with your issue via one-on-one support from a Dedicated Account Manager.


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Make entries, access reports anytime from the cloud.

Web-Based Tracking

ProRank’s web-based tracking for payment dispute resolution, ContractBird Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Module allows users to manage entries, reports, documents, payment information, etc. on a given record tracking payment dispute resolution.  Entries can be made from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

Direct one-on-one consulting from our staff.

Direct Consulting

ProRank can also assist your firm by providing direct one-on-one support from a qualified Dedicated Account Manager. This manager will be your go-to in providing consulting support in the resolution of your payment issue. This may include, but is not limited to, contract review, strategic resolution methods, data entry (including reporting through web-based tracking systems), and referrals for legal counsel when necessary.


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