Networking & Contract Opportunity Identification

ProRank receives solicitations for a number of publicly funded contracting opportunities weekly. We utilize our partnerships with various organizations to gather and disseminate contracting opportunities to our clients. ProRank also helps clients navigate various public contracting websites & processes to identify bid opportunities and historic price data for future quotes.

Many of our publicly funded partners find value in being able to share in joint initiatives to assist their targeted constituent groups. Many private partners find value in receiving notice about publicly funded initiatives that their firms are suited to service.

Communication of opportunities and activities is critical to obtaining adequate participation, ProRank understands who are partners are established to service. ProRank partners firms with strategic partners based on a number of criteria. Contact us today to inquire about how your organization can utilize ProRank’s Resource Partner Network, or become a strategic ProRank partner today.

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Networking & Contract Opportunity Identification: Networking

Tell your company's story in a single document.

Capabilities Statements

Tell your potential clients and government agencies who you are and what you do in a single concise informational document. ProRank will design a capability statement for your company in a pleasing, logical, and short format. The layout of the capability statement will mimic your company logo and colors. ProRank will develop a capability statement that is brief, to the point and specifically related to your individual company needs.

Present your company ideas clearly and concisely.


The need to give presentations and the present material is common to many organizations. The ability to effectively present material is a valuable skill that many will find useful. ProRank can develop Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, which can be converted to complete instructional videos, can include interactivity for the end-user, can include conditionally based navigation (built-in logic tree), with rich graphics and content.
Networking & Contract Opportunity Identification: Identifying Opportunities

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Networking & Opportunity Identification
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