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Networking & Opportunity Identification

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Networking & Contract Opportunity Identification

ProRank receives solicitations for a number of publicly funded contracting opportunities weekly. We utilize our partnerships with various organizations to gather and disseminate contracting opportunities to our clients. ProRank also helps clients navigate various public contracting websites & processes to identify bid opportunities and historic price data for future quotes.

Many of our publicly funded partners find value in being able to share in joint initiatives to assist their targeted constituent groups. Many private partners find value in receiving notice about publicly funded initiatives that their firms are suited to service.

Communication of opportunities and activities is critical to obtaining adequate participation, ProRank understands who are partners are established to service. ProRank partners firms with strategic partners based on a number of criteria. Contact us today to inquire about how your organization can utilize ProRank’s Resource Partner Network, or become a strategic ProRank partner today.

Services Offered

ProRank provides one-on-one technical assistance in the following areas:

Opportunity Identification

Assistance with identifying contracts and other opportunities of value.


Assistance with identifying and networking with firms of value.

Lead Communication

Receiving notice about opportunities and initiatives suited for your firm.


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We can help you build relationships.


ProRank can assist your firm in competing effectively for publicly funded contracts. This may include, but is not limited to, identifying firms of value, developing relationships with industry partners and constant pipeline of opportunities suited for you company’s niche skill sets.

We can help you identify contracts.

Identifying Opportunities

ProRank can also assist your firm in identifying contracts and other opportunities. This may include, but is not limited to,  web-based lead notification systems, one on one search consulting, coordinating effectively with industry partners on joint initiatives. 


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