Document & Material Development

ProRank develops a variety of materials for the various needs of our clients. These materials can be included within a bundled package of services for larger projects or produced separately as a smaller independent project. Please contact us for pricing options and allow us to prepare a quote for your specific project(s).

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Services Offered

Examples of items produced under this scope work include:

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Document & Material Development: Capabilities Statements

Tell your company's story in a single document.

Capabilities Statements

Tell your potential clients and government agencies who you are and what you do in a single concise informational document. ProRank will design a capability statement for your company in a pleasing, logical, and short format. The layout of the capability statement will mimic your company logo and colors. ProRank will develop a capability statement that is brief, to the point and specifically related to your individual company needs.

Present your company ideas clearly and concisely.


The need to give presentations and the present material is common to many organizations. The ability to effectively present material is a valuable skill that many will find useful. ProRank can develop Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, which can be converted to complete instructional videos, can include interactivity for the end-user, can include conditionally based navigation (built-in logic tree), with rich graphics and content.
Document & Material Development: Presentations
Document & Material Development: E-Learning Modules

Comprehensive self-paced training experiences.

E-Learning Modules

Training modules can also be created. Designed to simulate a mini self-contained virtual classroom that the end user can be guided through an immersive learning process complete with built-in resources and support materials. E-learning provides a learning stimulus beyond traditional learning methodology from the sole use of textbooks, manuals, or classroom-based instruction.

Perfectly market your process and services.

Manuals, Catalogs & Booklets

Training manuals, instructional materials, product catalogs, company policy manuals all have there need in any organization. Typically those organizations with clearly understood and accessible operating procedures tend to generate success much more than those with less organized and inaccessible materials. ProRank can create materials specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization.
Document & Material Development: Manuals, Catalogs & Booklets
Document & Material Development: Logos, Letterhead & Business Cards

Make your first impression a great one!

Logos, Letterhead & Business Cards

Business cards have become a fundamental staple in the marketing of individuals and businesses. The essentials of a professionally branded company and or individual has become an invaluable competitive edge in the modern day business arena. ProRank can design and develop company logos, corporate letterhead, and business cards, as well as branded promotional items.

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Business Development & Program Supportive Services
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