Wade West

Wade West, Managing Partner

Wade West

Managing Partner • Senior Consultant

Wade West is a distinguished business leader, serving as the Founding Member and Managing Partner of ProRank Business Solutions, LLC. A graduate of Hampton University School of Business, where he majored in Business Management, Wade’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship was shaped by early exposure to business operations through his family’s successful enterprise in Philadelphia.

During his tenure at Philadelphia EARN Centers in 2009, Wade spearheaded transformative initiatives, including the development of innovative childcare training programs. His efforts yielded a remarkable 95% success rate in training, job placement, and retention for hundreds of individuals, while also generating substantial revenue through custom data management solutions.

As the former Lead Project Coordinator for the PA DBE Supportive Services Center (PA DBESSC), Wade’s expertise extended to assisting over 200 firms in securing contracts totaling over $380 million. His groundbreaking work in restructuring data management systems and creating interactive applications earned accolades from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Since co-founding ProRank in 2012, Wade has been at the forefront of developing database and software solutions for various government agencies, including the Delaware Department of Transportation and the Harrisburg School District. Notably, his pivotal role in the development of ContractBird, a specialized contract tracking and reporting system, has streamlined diversity participation programs across multiple state and government agencies.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Wade is deeply committed to community and youth development. He co-founded the Pennsylvania Diversity Coalition (PADC) in 2014, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting equity and supporting underserved communities in the Commonwealth of PA. Wade also established Life Career, Inc., and serves on the board of TLC Work-Based Training, Inc., both nonprofits focused on empowering local youth and facilitating workforce re-entry opportunities.


PennDOT BEO Advisory Council Member
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Bureau of Equal Opportunity (BEO)